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  • By ian hook
  • 31 Oct, 2015

Is this the blog for you?

Here is a modified picture from a booklet the hospital gave me called, ‘My Little Tumour Colouring in Book’, (OK it’s not called that, it’s called ‘Your Colorectal Journey’, but I think it stands a better chance of being a best seller if they renamed it with my title) :-). Things have changed since I edited the diagram, but more of that later.
In February 2015 I was diagnosed with rectal cancer and this is 'My Little Tumour Colouring in Book'

I have a Christian faith, but no, I'm not here to sell religion. I mention it because I think God has a sense of humour, so some of the things I will say might, on occasion, be quite irreverent, but never blasphemous or heretical. Let me give you an example.

I can imagine that when the last chapter of 'My Little Tumour Colouring in Book’ is written and I go to see Him upstairs, He might look at me and say, "So you're the one that thinks I have a sense of humour... I'll show you how funny I think you've been.  I've got a pineapple here that I'm going shove up your fundament, no, wait a minute, you don't have a bum hole any more do you. Hang on. I'm God, ........ you're healed my son! Now come over here and bend over."

If you're still here...... welcome.... let's go on a journey together.

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